Dwarf Conifers Shine in the Winter

Just because it is cooler and all the leaves have fallen doesn’t mean your garden has to be barren. There are many evergreen shrubs and trees which can carry the winter landscape gracefully. This is really the time of year when they shine because all the other plants with showy foliage and flowers have gone  … Read more

Drop the Rake and Mow the Leaves

None of us enjoy raking leaves, it’s hard, back breaking work, so here’s a better solution-leave them on your yard! If you mow them on a regular basis as they come down they provide wonderful nutrients to your lawn. Several universities have done the research and this research reveals there is no scientific basis for  … Read more

Time to Plant a Tree

It is now glorious fall, cool days, blue skies, sunshine; a perfect combination for choosing a tree to put into your landscape. Trees are the very best additions to your landscape, they add height, they provide shade, and they provide food and shelter for wildlife. But you should pick one you want to look at  … Read more

Viburnums are Lovely

When it comes to choosing shrubs for your yard there are tons of different choices available. Making the right choice includes considering appropriate size, planting zone you live in, sun or shade, evergreen or not, type of soil, dampness at planting site and several others. To find a shrub to meet many of these criteria  … Read more

Do You Have Daffodils?

Many of us know when we see the beautiful yellow daffodils pushing up through the soil that spring is on the way. It gives us hope and makes us smile, no one is immune to the positive powers of seeing a sweep of daffodils across a landscape or woodlands. These positively cheerful little flowers can  … Read more

Give Your Lawn Some Love in the Fall

Most of us only think about the lawn in the summer while we’re mowing it every week in the very hot sun. However, lawns are much more lush and healthy if they receive some additional care throughout the year. In the fall the temperatures become milder, there is more precipitation, the soil maintains some warmth  … Read more

Find a Way to Grow More Shrubs

In your landscape there are certainly some beautiful shrubs and trees providing the dramatic backdrop for your gardens. It’s wonderful to be able to purchase more shrubs, but sometimes the fun is in the growing and developing of plants. Photo Credit: guilfordgardencenter.com There are some shrubs which you can multiply by a technique called “layering.”  … Read more

You Don’t Have to Prop Up Those Perennials

There are many, many chores to be done in the spring as the perennial plants start to emerge but staking them is one chore you can avoid if you follow some general principles.  But first let’s review the definition of a perennial, these are the plants which die back in the fall with first frost  … Read more

Winter in the Garden

Winter doesn’t have to be a slack time for the gardener; it leaves time for those things we run out of time for in the growing season. You have time to tidy up, clean up some more leaves (assuming they are not snow covered), mulch and tend to some tools. For those of us who  … Read more

Wildlife in the Garden

The animals and birds which live in the outdoor space around us are very appreciative of anything we can provide for them. There are many ways to welcome them into our space and they are very useful for the flow of nature and help to keep the garden pretty. Any area which can be kept  … Read more