Light in the Garden

The sun is essential for many plants in the garden, but the amount of sun will vary depending on your lot position and the number of trees you have. It’s essential to know the amount of sun received in any given location before you decide on what to plant there. And, of course, the sun  … Read more

Leaves and More Leaves

We are now officially in the fall season! It means beautiful blue skies, gorgeous sunsets and crisp cool temperatures. It also means there is lots of maintenance work to be done out in the yard. Not that it really is ‘work’, since it is so crisp and cool outside it becomes much more of a  … Read more

Knockout Roses Should Be In Your Yard

Introduced in 2000 the Knockout Rose is the largest selling rose ever to come on the market, and there are many good reasons for that success.  It is a bush type rose that is disease resistant and flowers all during the growing season.  This makes it super useful for all types of applications in the  … Read more

Impatient With Impatiens?

There are many of us who have favorite annuals we like to plant every year.  They work in the light we have available and the array of colors is always tempting.  Now there is nothing wrong with this plan and it can make the spring planting season a little easier.  We don’t have to wade  … Read more

Hot Hot Hot!

We are now officially in the depths of summer and boy can we feel it!  These are the times which make every human, animal and plant hot and tired.  So the watering ritual becomes even more important for the plants. Even though it may be tough on the humans to get out there every day  … Read more

Use Herbs for Design

Herbs are basically known for being useful to people due to their fragrance, culinary attributes and medicinal qualities.  Their traditional definition of an herb, short for herbaceous, is a plant growing from a soft stem, it doesn’t become a woody stem.  But the stem issue no longer defines the herbs, they are popular no matter  … Read more

Pruning for Healthy Tomatoes

If you already have tomatoes growing in your yard you are fortunate because they are well on their way to providing some yummy summer goodness.  Tomato plants are amazing growers, taking energy from the sun and converting it to growth better than almost any other plant. Since they are such good growers they can get  … Read more


In the residential garden there are quite a lot of uses for the grasses available on the market, and at Nature’s Friends Landscaping, we often use ornamental grasses in our designs. Being of different shades, heights and widths there is a grass for every application in the garden. They are extremely easy as far as  … Read more

Garden Curves

If you have the opportunity to design your garden from the very beginning, consider yourself very lucky.  Usually once landscapes and garden beds are in place it is a very expensive, labor intensive and time consuming process to remove everything and begin from scratch.  It can be done but if you get to design your  … Read more

With Fall Comes the Falling Leaves

If you have a yard then you know it’s time to pick up some leaves!  This is a necessary chore for every homeowner but it can be turned into something useful for your other plants and turf. The first thing you can do to help your landscape is to shred the leaves with your mower  … Read more