Sprinklers, Irrigation & Grading

Nature’s Friends offers a full spectrum of yard related services, including sprinkler systems and irrigation solutions. We can design and install your sprinkler system to make maintaining your lawn and beds easy. Homes with automated sprinklers have greener and healthier lawns, and waste very little water. Systems can run on timers and zones, and on various water sources including municipal, well, and reclaimed water. Some of the latest sprinkler heads and rotors on the market are offered in low volume, greener options, boasting up to 70% efficiency.

Drip Irrigation for Lowest Water Waste

One option for your beds is the highly efficient drip irrigation system, at a 90% efficiency rate. We can actually use your existing spray rotor sprinkler system and convert it to a drip system. Drip irrigation is underground or just below surface, feeding your plants at the roots. Because it is uber efficient, it is less regulated, meaning you do not have to follow as strict lawn watering limits.

Irrigation System Repair

We are happy to troubleshoot issues that arise with your existing sprinklers, bed irrigation, or any installed irrigation system.