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Drop the Rake and Mow the Leaves

None of us enjoy raking leaves, it’s hard, back breaking work, so here’s a better solution-leave them on your yard! If you mow them on a regular basis as they come down they provide wonderful nutrients to your lawn. Several universities have done the research and this research reveals there is no scientific basis for  … Read more

Leaves and More Leaves

We are now officially in the fall season! It means beautiful blue skies, gorgeous sunsets and crisp cool temperatures. It also means there is lots of maintenance work to be done out in the yard. Not that it really is ‘work’, since it is so crisp and cool outside it becomes much more of a  … Read more

With Fall Comes the Falling Leaves

If you have a yard then you know it’s time to pick up some leaves!  This is a necessary chore for every homeowner but it can be turned into something useful for your other plants and turf. The first thing you can do to help your landscape is to shred the leaves with your mower  … Read more