Drop the Rake and Mow the Leaves

None of us enjoy raking leaves, it’s hard, back breaking work, so here’s a better solution-leave them on your yard! If you mow them on a regular basis as they come down they provide wonderful nutrients to your lawn.

Several universities have done the research and this research reveals there is no scientific basis for raking and picking up leaves. What it does show is that setting your mower blade at three inches and mowing when the grass is four inches, shredding the leaves as you go is much more effective for your lawn than clearing the leaves. They shred easier when the leaves are a bit damp so you could mow while the dew is still present.

Even though it might seem like a thick mat of shredded leaves there will be very little remnant of those leaves left when spring rolls around, but your soil will be healthier and so will the turf which grows there. Here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping we can help you with your leaves, your grass and your landscape, there’s always still plenty to do in the off season.

In addition, the leaves which fall into the shade tolerant perennial beds can be left there, no reason to clean them out because they will provide the same nutritional boost to the soil there. The leaves won’t damage the perennials because they are on their way to dormancy anyway.

You can also use the shredded leaves to create planting beds in areas where lawn doesn’t grow well. You can just pile up the shredded leaves in the area where you want the bed and then plant there the next spring. Then every fall you can just pile more leaves onto that bed, the plants will love it!

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