Category: Landscaping Tips

Ground Covers for Lawn Alternatives

Sometime during the really hot part of the summer those gardeners with big lawns to mow, water and feed start wondering if there is a better way.  If you still have kids and big dogs or like to set up volleyball nets for your parties you may not want to part with your lawn.  However  … Read more

Add Summer Color with Lantana

All of us need plants which will continue to provide us lovely color and flowers even when it is miserably hot. So if you are trying to find a summer annual with lots of color and toughness, look no further than the lantana. They are part of the verbena family and provide numerous beautiful small  … Read more

Be Safe Working in the Lawn and Garden

When you are outside working on your lawn or in your garden you probably do take precautions to keep yourself safe but it never hurts to remind ourselves in order to avoid injuries. It seems simple but too many people take chances and many are hurt every summer in accidents they could have avoided. The  … Read more

Fall in Love with Hydrangeas

Every garden deserves to have the big, happy blooms of a hydrangea, they are the celebratory shrub of early summer. They are blooms we have known all our lives, welcoming warm weather and good memories. What you will be happy to know is that hydrangeas are pretty easy to grow which means anyone can enjoy  … Read more

Add Architectural Elements with Grasses

Everywhere you look you can find grass varietals now being used in both residential and commercial landscapes. They provide a wonderful angular look that is different from any other plant or shrub. They also provide movement in your garden which is a hard to establish design element for many landscapes. Due to this boom in  … Read more

Creeping Sedums are Survivors

We all have places in our gardens where the soil quality is not that wonderful or the irrigation is spotty or where there are lots of rocks. Creeping sedums are wonderful plants to fill in these spaces with vigor and beauty. All sedums are desirable plants for the garden because of their tough, drought resistant  … Read more

Lawns Can Be Easier

The idea that a landscape should be this vast expanse of super green lawn is an outdated trend which is moving toward a more sustainable ideal. We all love grassy spaces, it provides space for the dog and kids to move around freely and creates a nice visual balance for the garden beds. However, you  … Read more

Spring Cleaning Begins

There are many things you can do in your landscape before the major growing season and weeding chores start in earnest. To keep up with all there is to do in the landscape it is essential to get an early jump on the season. Cleaning up your tools is a great way to get started!  … Read more

Do the Construction Now

As the major growing season draws near you need to take a look around your landscape to see if there are any hardscape changes you want to implement. If this is the year to get that done you need to do it during early spring or late fall, before your perennials come up or after  … Read more

Love Your Crepe Myrtles

Many of us have one or more of these fabulous, summer blooming trees in our landscape, the beautiful crepe myrtle. These are some of the hardiest and giving trees you can find; they are tough in hot summers, provide good fall color and survive through the winter with panache, along with giving us flowers during  … Read more