Ground Covers for Lawn Alternatives

Sometime during the really hot part of the summer those gardeners with big lawns to mow, water and feed start wondering if there is a better way.  If you still have kids and big dogs or like to set up volleyball nets for your parties you may not want to part with your lawn.  However there are some who may be thinking of reducing the green monster who demands lots of your time and money.

You can always turn lawns into garden beds or you can plant trees and put down mulch but some green “lawn like” ground covers are available if you want to keep the space open and the green appearance.  But if you would like to keep your lawn or want someone else to transition it for you, Nature’s Friends Landscaping would be happy to help maintain your current lawn or create a design to change it up.

A ground cover which you might think of first is liriope, or a common name is monkey grass, as it looks the most like grass.  There are many versions of this but be wary of the liriope Spicata because it is an aggressive spreader.  It is tough though so it’s good for slopes or out between a sidewalk and the road.  A more formal look is created by using dwarf Mondo grass, this is a very dark green, thin foliage, forms small clumps and spreads slowly.

Creeping Thyme is a lovely groundcover but it takes a while to spread and can be a bit pricey.  Mazus is another option, it grows very flat to the ground and will thrive in the shade.  Over time it can make a dense green carpet, make sure to keep it watered as it likes moist soil.

Golden Creeping Jenny is an alternative to green as it is a beautiful chartreuse color.  It grows very quickly so it works to cover a large space and it’s easy to trim back.  One more is Golden Carpet Sedum, it will fill in by the second year and be a very drought tolerant beautifully soft lawn.

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