Drainage Solutions

Drainage issues such standing water in the wrong places cause extensive and varied problems. They are complicated and often ignored by ‘average’ lawn maintenance services. Drainage issues can destroy all of the work you’ve put into your beautiful new beds and landscaping. They can cause erosion, unsightly mold, and general nuisance and safety issues.

At Nature’s Friends, we know how to avoid drainage problems during our initial designs and installation, by paying attention carefully to the pitch, grade, water flow, and precise leveling of any project. We are experts at correcting existing problems with drainage through a variety of creative solutions.

  • erosion issues
  • mold issues at the side of the house
  • basement leaks
  • puddles or ‘rivers’ through your yard
  • perpetually icy/slippery surfaces
  • mulch that won’t stay in place
  • erosion at fences or retaining walls
  • standing water/mosquito issues
  • roots to bushes flooded and dying

Ideally we can solve your issues with Passive Drainage solutions, with elevation changes, drainage channels installed. Other issues will require Active solutions that require pipes and pumps. We will evaluate your challenge and make recommendations, discussin solutions with you. Your potential solution could involve catch basins, French drains, channel drains, sump pumps, additional down spouts, re-leveling, retaining walls,

We have 20+ years experience in landscape design and have run across many complicated drainage issues, and some very simple ones. Don’t ignore standing water, flooding, and erosion in your yard. Call us and let us change the water flow and make your space welcoming and safe. licensed