Yard Cleanups: Spring, Fall or Occasional

As a way to keep your yard not only beautiful, but healthy and thriving, a specific Spring or Fall yard cleanup may be just the ticket. Even when a lawn has been cut regularly, the rest of the landscaping will need specific attention that is sometimes overwhelming for homeowners or average lawn cutters. Cliff and Nature’s Friends will be able to tell you when to perform specific maintenance such as fertilizing, leaf removal, pruning, weeding. Have you neglected your yard all summer? Cliff is ready to clean it up head to toe, weed to bamboo forest.

Spring Cleanup

Sunshine, warmth, and spring growth after the harsh cold of winter is an exciting time for us, and for your yard. Winter storms and snow wreak havoc on last year’s beautiful lawn and beds. If leaves weren’t thoroughly removed in fall, your lawn won’t get proper sunlight. Beds and decks are often filled with limbs and debris. Sensitive plants have frozen, bamboo has toppled. Spring is the time to start anew, freshen annuals, tend to perennials, and freshly mulch and trim. A single Spring Cleanup will set the stage for successful color and a neat and thriving landscape the rest of the year.

Some of the services that may be needed for a Spring Cleanup:

  • Branch and twig removal from beds, patios, yard
  • Leftover or composted fall leaves removed
  • Damaged shrub replacement
  • Fresh mulch
  • Cutting back perennials
  • Replace annuals
  • New tree or shrub installation
  • Aeration and fertilizer for lawn
  • Pest control if fall cleanup was overlooked

Fall Cleanup

While less glamourous, a Fall Cleanup is crucial. The gorgeous reds and yellows of Fall in Maryland means leaves on top of leaves on top of leaves. Even if you’ve maintained your lawn all summer, you may be faced with a huge intimidating mess, a yard full of wet, decaying leaves. Raking is exhausting and back breaking work. Cliff and his team are happy to come in for a one time leaf removal, and general clean up.

Accumulated leaves left unchecked are a haven for diseases, pests, fungi, and just generally unsightly. Fall is also the perfect time to trim your perennials so they suffer less damage, and come back stronger and thriving next spring. Cliff will upon request upcycle the removed leaves into composted mulch for your beds or trees.

Some of the services that may be needed for a Fall Cleanup are:

  • Leaf removal
  • Annuals removed
  • Perennials cut back
  • Shrubs pruned
  • Gutters cleaned

Our team is professional and reliable, with every attention to detail. See our photos for gorgous examples of our work. Contact us now for a free estimate for a one time cleanup, landscaping project, or ongoing lawn service. Cliff will assess your particular needs and time frame and give you a cleanup or other services quote. Your yard will be transformed and beautiful in no time, and you won’t have to lift a finger, or a rake!