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Wood Fence Installation and Repair

Very often, an integral feature of a landscaping design will include fencing. As an added convenience, Nature’s Friends also offer fence contractor services, including beautiful wood fence installation or fence repair as one of their professional services. This is enormously convenient for our clients; you already know and trust Cliff and his team, and you can rest easy knowing you’re getting quality work on time.

Our wood fences come in a variety of designs, from privacy to picket. Our installers have 10+ years professional fence installation experience and are licensed and insured. We will discuss your options for various wood fence styles and gates, share our design ideas, measure, and give you a free quote and time estimate to perform the work. Cliff’s years of landscape and yard experience mean that he can advise you on the pros and cons of all of the different fence materials to help you make a choice that you will love for years to come. Wood fences are often built in cedar, redwood, pine, bamboo. The shapes of the sections can vary as well, from the squared estate look to the scalloped convex.

Fence Repair:

We can perform any fence or gate repair, major or minor. We can

Types of Wood Fence

What Are the Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing?

Wood fencing is extremely popular in Maryland, because of the natural materials that incorporate into the popular native look of most landscape designs.

Affordability: Wood fence installation is the least expensive of the quality fence styles. The only cheaper option is the plastic fencing, which some feel does not convey a quality or natural look.

Durability and Fence Maintenance: You can expect your wood fence to last 20 years or more if properly cared for. Our materials are pressure treated, rot resistant, and sealed. It should be restained or repainted every few years, waterproofed every other year, and that is about all the maintenance it should need.

Damage and Rot are the only cons with wood fencing. Iron fencing is less prone to damage from fallen limbs, or moisture, but that comes at a price. Properly maintained stained or painted fences will withstand the elements better than a neglected wood fence.

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Design and Installation

From adding a simple flower bed to an entire yard overhaul, we design for climate, ease of maintenance, and your taste and budget.

Landscape Care and Maintenance

Professional and dependable regular care for your landscape and/or lawn that can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

Property Clean-Ups

Including but not limited to: cutting back perennials, weeding, edging, mulching beds, removing leaves and debris from beds and paved areas. Cleanup services are available year-round, though are especially effective in Spring.

Hardscaping: Patios, Pavers, and Walkways

With Maryland’s temperate climate, our outdoor space is our living space. Create your own private haven for relaxing, living, and entertaining.

Aeration and Seeding

Removing small cores from your lawn (aeration) allows air, water, and fertilizer to more effectively reach the root zone. This creates a healthier, stronger lawn. Aeration and seeding services are recommended yearly.

Lime Application

Liming helps keep the pH level of your soil neutral, which allows grass to grow. We recommend liming yearly due to the acid rain we receive. Services are generally done in September along with aeration and seeding.

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