Tree Services

In Maryland we are proud of our vast quantities of trees, a vital part of the ecology and aesthetic of our beautiful state. Tree services and tree removal are an ongoing part of landscaping and must be handled by knowledgeable experts. Trees don’t require constant maintenance; but complete neglect, or worse—a botched tree trimming job— can take years off the life of your tree. With just a small amount of attention, your trees will last a lifetime. As experienced arborists and tree trimming experts, we can inspect and save your trees, know how to trim them for healthiest longest life, and remove them safely when necessary without damaging surrounding property.

We also can help with limb removal after winter storms, or when limbs have potential to cause damage to your property or your neighbor’s. Whether it is skilled climbers for branch and pruning work, or full scale large job crane operators for tree removal, our tree experts are prepared and will protect your property as if it is their own.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Healthy maintenance of tree limbs and branches involves smart trimming. A trimmed tree is not only more healthy and thriving, it just looks gorgeous once it is cleaned up and shaped. Dead limbs can be removed while saving the tree. Limbs growing over other’s properties, limbs brushing against your roof are just a couple of issues that require a significant trimming.
Care should be given not to Over Trim. Not only is the end result bare and ugly, removing too much of a tree at once can be harmful. Our tree trimming specialists are aware of the right way to prune a tree for both the health of the tree, and the natural beauty of your yard.

Tree Maintenance and Treatment

We can inspect your trees and offer the best experienced advice on what they need: treatment or fertilization, a healthy pruning, limb removal, disease treatment, or if there is nothing that can be done to save the tree, we will advise and give an estimate on removal.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Trees growing too close to your property, or diseased or dead trees will need to be removed. Allowing the tree to remain too long can even cause issues with your foundation or basement from unhealthy roots. In cases where a tree should be removed, our tree removal specialists can safely and efficiently do the job. Experience is a must, and only use a licensed and insured tree removal specialist with the right equipment. Stump grinding is the process of using special equipment to grind down and remove an unsightly stump.

Storm Cleanup

Our winter and thunderstorms are not frequent, so can wreak havoc on a trees and limbs. Never attempt to move a limb or tree that has fallen near or on a power line. Bamboo in particular in our area can occasionally collapse during snowstorms, leaving you with a big mess. Large oak limbs need to be cut up and hauled away. Let us help clean up after an already devastating storm, taking the worry away and leaving you with a clean yard.