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As the major growing season draws near you need to take a look around your landscape to see if there are any hardscape changes you want to implement. If this is the year to get that done you need to do it during early spring or late fall, before your perennials come up or after they go to sleep for the winter.

Doing hardscape construction during these dormant times allows you to move around your beds easily, although you still want to avoid walking through them more than you need to because it packs the soil down too much. Having a professional like Nature’s Friends Landscaping take a look and advise you on your hardscape needs would be helpful, they know how to work around your current plantings without damaging them.

There are many projects you might want to accomplish such as a new pathway, a raised bed or even a new patio outdoor space. These projects all require a good plan along with lots of heavy materials which are simpler for a professional to handle because they have the correct equipment for the job.

In addition to these new beautiful additions to your landscape you will want to consider new plantings to drape over the walls and soften the edges of a new pathway. There are many wonderful plants now which are specifically created for these types of applications.

Remember to make sure the drainage issues are addressed as you undertake your project because no plant can survive in a puddle! Also, adding back a good soil mixture to the areas which were disturbed will also ensure more success and create happy plants and shrubs for the new landscape.

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