Spring Cleaning Begins

There are many things you can do in your landscape before the major growing season and weeding chores start in earnest. To keep up with all there is to do in the landscape it is essential to get an early jump on the season.

Cleaning up your tools is a great way to get started! Although it would have been best to clean them before winter storage you might not have accomplished that task, so early spring is a great time to clean and sharpen.

Another important task is cleaning up the yard and beds to remove all the branches and debris which have fallen during the winter season. After you have walked the yard and picked up the bigger sticks and twigs, get your rake and lightly rake the grass in order to fluff it, improve aeration and remove old growth. While doing this you can also reach into the beds to remove leftover leaves and other debris from your landscape. In addition, you can trim back dead stems to create a neater appearance and give space for new growth to arise.

Early spring is a great time to plant woody plants such as trees and shrubs in order to give them a jump on the season. You can also move established plants such as these to different locations in your landscape. Nature’s Friends Landscaping can help you with many of these chores and projects to make it an easier and more relaxed spring for you.

Shaping up your evergreens with a light pruning and trimming up the woody ornamentals is also a good chore for early spring. If there are any broken branches remove those first, then step back and observe the shape of the plant, this gives you a good idea of how much to remove before you trim too much!

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