Creeping Sedums are Survivors

We all have places in our gardens where the soil quality is not that wonderful or the irrigation is spotty or where there are lots of rocks. Creeping sedums are wonderful plants to fill in these spaces with vigor and beauty.

All sedums are desirable plants for the garden because of their tough, drought resistant nature and the fact that they are immensely interesting succulents. There are over 400 species varying from annuals to perennials and come in all shapes and sizes. They are excellent for rock gardens, pockets in rock walls, containers and just about anywhere there is full sun and excellent drainage.

Specifically, the creeping sedums are wonderful for planting in sweeps on slopes and in rock gardens due to their long growing season and beautiful blooms. Most perennial versions are winter hardy even in containers left outside. There is a cultivar for every hardiness zone, but they are generally happiest in zones 4-9. Nature’s Friends Landscaping can help you find a variety or several varieties of creeping sedums to soften a pathway or fill a container.

These plants are excellent survivors in drought conditions once they are established. They will slowly spread over time and help to cut down on weeds. They do prefer full sun and need little water after establishing, don’t plant them anywhere you have standing water because that is the one situation where they will fail.

Creeping sedums are easy to transplant due to their shallow root structure. If you would like to have more of a varietal somewhere else in your garden, just dig up a small patch in the springtime and plant it where you want it to grow. An interesting note about these plants is that they are used quite a lot to create ‘green roofs’ which are growing in popularity both in commercial and residential applications.

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