Be Safe Working in the Lawn and Garden

When you are outside working on your lawn or in your garden you probably do take precautions to keep yourself safe but it never hurts to remind ourselves in order to avoid injuries. It seems simple but too many people take chances and many are hurt every summer in accidents they could have avoided.

The most dangerous piece of equipment by far is your lawnmower, these machines contribute to thousands of emergency room visits and a good number of deaths every year. It’s easy to take them for granted, but you must remember they are powerful machines to be respected.

Many of the injuries occur amongst children, they should never be anywhere around an operating mower of any kind. They should not operate push mowers until they are big enough and are capable of understanding the dangers associated with them. No child should ever ride along with you on a riding mower.

Modern mowers have numerous safety features engineered into them in order to keep you safe, don’t ever disable or change any of these safety features. Always wear safety goggles, hearing protection, work shoes and long pants when operating any type of mower. The blades turn 200 miles an hour and can sling rocks and other dangerous projectiles while you are using them. Don’t mow when it’s wet, not only is it not good for the turf, you are in danger of losing your footing. Nature’s Friends Landscaping can help you with all your mowing and trimming needs so you don’t have to deal with these safety issues.

String trimmers can also be dangerous if used inappropriately or if safety equipment is disabled. This is also a device which requires safety glasses, work shoes and long pants because they are also able to turn rocks and other things into scary dangerous projectiles. Always pick up your tools and discarded items when you finish planting or weeding, stepping on these things can cause a turned ankle or punctured foot. In addition, be sure to do some warm up stretches before you start any chore to make sure your body is ready for work.

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