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Find a Way to Grow More Shrubs

In your landscape there are certainly some beautiful shrubs and trees providing the dramatic backdrop for your gardens. It’s wonderful to be able to purchase more shrubs, but sometimes the fun is in the growing and developing of plants. Photo Credit: guilfordgardencenter.com There are some shrubs which you can multiply by a technique called “layering.”  … Read more

Trees in the Landscape

In the landscape trees are some of the most essential components to make it all appear complete and finished. The balance of tall, mature trees to the smaller, understory supporting cast of trees creates a balance that the eye appreciates. When you look at the property there should be symmetry and flow between the earth  … Read more

Trees to Avoid (Part 1)

When you are trying to decide on some trees to plant in your landscape you need to be aware that there are some on the market you don’t want to choose.  There are a number of trees which have been marketed heavily and provided consistently at the big box store but that does not mean  … Read more

More Herbs

Previously we wrote about the basic herbs one can grow easily in a home garden, basically in pots. Of course herbs can be grown in the ground also but the majority of them need really well drained soil which is what makes pots a nice method for being sure their roots don’t stay too wet.  … Read more