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In the landscape trees are some of the most essential components to make it all appear complete and finished. The balance of tall, mature trees to the smaller, understory supporting cast of trees creates a balance that the eye appreciates. When you look at the property there should be symmetry and flow between the earth and the sky.

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In an already established yard or estate one of the crucial tasks is having a professional take a look at the trees which are already present. Many large older trees will need some professional care and pruning to keep them healthy and safe for the property. Neglecting this aspect of care puts your trees and any structures on the property in harm’s way. Since this care involves climbing and chainsaws it is best left to a professional with a lot of experience.

To achieve the balance needed in a mature landscape the smaller trees are also important players. One can use smaller Japanese maples, dogwoods, cherry trees and smaller evergreens to fill in amongst the larger trees. The deciduous varieties of these small trees also require regular pruning and maintenance to keep them looking their best. But this is a task than can be handled from the ground so it is a much easier job for the home owner.

When I’m planting a new landscape, I find some of these smaller varieties can be used quite effectively in the planting beds around the perimeter of a house. The very small Japanese maples are quite lovely in amongst other shrubs, perennials and annuals. The smaller evergreens have many shapes and colors which make them perfect for balance in the beds because they will keep their color throughout all the seasons. So when there is little color in the winter the evergreens assist in maintaining the appearance of the beds.

As beds are established it is vital to know what the mature size of the plant will be, otherwise constant pruning will be necessary and that is not a desirable chore for most homeowners. In addition if larger trees are being established in a new landscape size and placement are also a major consideration. It is really essential to know where power lines, gas lines and other such lines are when positioning a larger tree. As the tree grows the roots and the branches can interfere with the functioning of these lines so one needs to be aware of the mature size. At Nature’s Friends, we will naturally be taking all of these points into consideration for your design.

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