Bold and Beautiful Hosta

Anyone who has room for garden beds in their landscape should have at least a few Hosta, they are magnificent this year!  They are a perennial, which means they disappear at frost and reappear in the spring, growing a bit larger each year.  They come in all sizes, from very large to very petite, making them ideal for anyone who has a garden.

If you already have some Hosta you know that all the moisture we received during the winter and into spring and summer has created some bold and beautiful plants in your garden.  If you don’t have any Hosta you should plant some to create variety in your beds as these plants come in all shapes, sizes and color patterns.  Of course they are mostly green but there are many common varietals which also feature green and white.  They are also available in many shades of green, from bright chartreuse to a deep blue green, and then combinations of all those shades in between.  If it seems a bit confusing those of us here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping can help you choose the right Hosta for your garden and plant them for you.

Hosta are pretty easy to take care of, many people think of them as shade plants but the truth is they tolerate shade, and many of them need some sun to maintain their color.  Most of them love to get a few hours of morning sun, but strong afternoon sun will cause any varietal to fade and get brown on the edges.

Key for Hosta health is highly organic, moist soil that drains well, although they are less picky about drainage than some other plants.  It’s really difficult to over water a Hosta in a location where you have good drainage.  Adding compost to the soil when you plant them almost assures a happy plant.  Give them a lot of water during their settling in period and then make sure they continue to receive regular water.

It’s nice just to let Hosta grow and become their big, glorious self but you may find you need to divide them if they are too large for their spot or you may want additional plants for somewhere else. Late summer into early fall is a good time to do this, before they disappear into the ground!  

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