Bring On The Cool Weather

As we feel the air start to dry out and get a bit cooler it gives us the energy to get outside and work in the yard again. With the really hot days behind us now we look forward to spending time in the garden, making it tidy and maybe planting some things.

One of the first chores upon us is to start bringing in the indoor plants, they’ve had their dose of sunshine and rain but as the night time temperatures move down to fifty degrees they will not be happy staying outside. Take some time to clean up the pots and wash off the plant with some blasts from the hose, this will knock off any insects that may be there, you definitely don’t want those taking a ride inside your house.

The grass in your yard could use some additional aerating and over seeding along with a bit of fertilizer right now. Some of that care will be dependent on whether you have warm weather grasses or cool weather grasses. If you are not sure what to do you can depend on the experts here at Nature’s Friends to help you with this chore.

Of course there will be lots of raking to do during the fall when the leaves start to come down. You want to clean those off the yard pretty quickly so that they don’t mat down and affect the growth of your grass. Some of the thinner, smaller leaves, such as what comes off of maples, can be used for mulching purposes in your garden. It’s always a good idea to shred them somewhat before putting it around the plants.

The main thing is to get out there and get started; you’ll be surprised how much you can get done in a short amount of time. Along with a job well done you will have provided your body some good exercise, and your plants will thank you for your efforts by growing strong and healthy.

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