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Pruning for Healthy Tomatoes

If you already have tomatoes growing in your yard you are fortunate because they are well on their way to providing some yummy summer goodness.  Tomato plants are amazing growers, taking energy from the sun and converting it to growth better than almost any other plant. Since they are such good growers they can get  … Read more


In the residential garden there are quite a lot of uses for the grasses available on the market, and at Nature’s Friends Landscaping, we often use ornamental grasses in our designs. Being of different shades, heights and widths there is a grass for every application in the garden. They are extremely easy as far as  … Read more

Garden Curves

If you have the opportunity to design your garden from the very beginning, consider yourself very lucky.  Usually once landscapes and garden beds are in place it is a very expensive, labor intensive and time consuming process to remove everything and begin from scratch.  It can be done but if you get to design your  … Read more

With Fall Comes the Falling Leaves

If you have a yard then you know it’s time to pick up some leaves!  This is a necessary chore for every homeowner but it can be turned into something useful for your other plants and turf. The first thing you can do to help your landscape is to shred the leaves with your mower  … Read more

Evergreens Trees and Shrubs

The number of evergreen trees and shrubs that can be used in the landscape is mind boggling. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and textures, along with some blooming varieties and those with berries. With this great number of plants, we have so much to choose from to find the ones that will  … Read more

Evergreen Perennials

When you are making a list of perennials to add to your garden or if you are establishing a new bed, be sure to include some of the evergreen variety as they help with the structure of the garden during the colder months along with hiding some of the dying foliage of other perennials. As  … Read more

Do Deer Eat Everything?

Well, no they don’t, it just seems that way in some yards and gardens.  There are many flowering plants and shrubs which they don’t care to eat, so paying attention to what you plant means you can still have a pretty garden and co-exist with the deer. Of course, if you have a fence or  … Read more

Container Basics

Just about everyone who does some gardening around their home uses pots for some of their plantings.  Pots have the advantage of having a bit more height and versatility since they can be moved from place to place to suit the changing needs of the garden and the landscape. Essential for most containers is size,  … Read more

Choosing Trees

Choosing Trees Trees are a fantastic addition to any landscape as they add value to a property. Don’t you feel sorry for people who have no trees around their home? It looks very bare, but nature won’t leave a space uncovered for long so you should choose the trees you want to add to your  … Read more

Check Out Your Potted Plants

When you have garden plants in pots there always comes a time when they may need to move to a larger pot.  This is a fairly easy chore to accomplish and it can be done whenever it’s needed but spring is certainly a good time to take a hard look and evaluate your potted garden  … Read more