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Changing Seasons

It’s hard to believe the fall season is upon us once again! Just a few weeks ago everyone was at the beach enjoying those sunny days in the sand. Now the sunshine is still there but the light has a different slant and the night temperatures are dropping a bit. This is a good time  … Read more

Bring On The Cool Weather

As we feel the air start to dry out and get a bit cooler it gives us the energy to get outside and work in the yard again. With the really hot days behind us now we look forward to spending time in the garden, making it tidy and maybe planting some things. One of  … Read more

Bold and Beautiful Hosta

Anyone who has room for garden beds in their landscape should have at least a few Hosta, they are magnificent this year!  They are a perennial, which means they disappear at frost and reappear in the spring, growing a bit larger each year.  They come in all sizes, from very large to very petite, making  … Read more

Get a Bright and Cheery Black Eyed Susan

If you are lucky enough to have the beautiful Black Eyed Susan in your garden then you already know that they are a wonderful plant!  These plants offer beautiful green foliage and yellow flowers with a black/brown center.  The version referred to here is the Rudbeckia fulgida, which is a perennial with a bushy habit  … Read more

Enjoy the Benefits of a Raised Flower Bed

Raised flower beds are popular with many people, but what are the reasons that they are so popular? And do many people feel reluctant in utilizing this sort of flower bed? A raised flower bed can be more than just a place to grow flowers and shrubbery, not to mention planting herbs and vegetables, it  … Read more

Behold the Lovely Flowering Trees!

It’s springtime finally! Everywhere you look there are beautiful trees in whites, pinks, and purples putting on quite a spectacular show displaying all their beautiful flowers. We all enjoy this scenery whether we are gardeners or not! Winter tried to hold on for a while but it is finally retreating and it brings on the  … Read more

Beginning Perennials

The world of perennials is so vast there is no way to capture them in just one writing, however since they are all under one category let’s learn what that means. A perennial is a plant which is normally long lasting in the garden; technically it will live 2 years or more. It will typically  … Read more


Using annuals to fill in around shrubs and perennials is always a great idea as they provide more flower power throughout the growing season. There is always a huge choice available at garden centers which should satisfy everyone’s individual tastes. When you find the colors and types that you want make sure they have a  … Read more