Enjoy the Benefits of a Raised Flower Bed

Raised flower beds are popular with many people, but what are the reasons that they are so popular? And do many people feel reluctant in utilizing this sort of flower bed? A raised flower bed can be more than just a place to grow flowers and shrubbery, not to mention planting herbs and vegetables, it can be a centerpiece in your yard and be a very beautiful addition to any landscaping plans.

raised flower bedFor some the drawback is the need to build the raised bed, but the simplest designs are easy pretty to build even if you have knowledge of such things and a limited collection of power tools. But you can also buy a premade kit or hire a firm to do the work for you to your specific designs and to build you something that fits your needs and your yard.

But beyond how beautiful they are, there are some built is benefits to having a raised flower bed.

  1. Access to the flower bed or vegetable garden is easier because it is self-contained and raised off of the ground. That means there is less back breaking bending in order to maintain it. You also don’t damage the plants and root bed by walking through the garden.
  2. The soil is richer and more fertile because it is once again self-contained and you control what is put into the bed. This is one of those rare times that you can do it better than mother nature in that you can make the soil better than what is normally found in that location. Meaning that you can control the conditions of the soil.
  3. It is a great way to organize your yard and bring texture and shape to the landscape in a more affordable way than moving dirt and other materials into place.
  4. You can enclose a raised bed and have a small greenhouse for all year growing of those herbs and vegetables.
  5. You can design the boxes to fit the terrain and shape of yard, accentuating what you already love or filling in a space that never was properly used.
  6. The beds can technically be moved, although not easily and you may want to call some friends over to help. Pizza and pop are usually a good way to pay for their services.

Of course a raised flower bed isn’t for everybody, but don’t let the idea of building one scare you away. There are so many different ways to beautify a yard and with so many built in benefits, it might just make sense in your yard.

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