Changing Seasons

It’s hard to believe the fall season is upon us once again! Just a few weeks ago everyone was at the beach enjoying those sunny days in the sand. Now the sunshine is still there but the light has a different slant and the night temperatures are dropping a bit. This is a good time to do some more planting and then also some cleanup in the garden.

It may appear that the growing season is coming to an end, and for many annuals that is true, but fall is actually the best time to plant shrubs and trees. The stress of winter on a newly planted tree or shrub is much less than if you plant in the spring when the temperatures start shooting up quickly. Properly planted and mulched with appropriate water, a tree or shrub planted now will be a much healthier plant by springtime.

In addition, there are many veggies you can plant now which will thrive in this short time before winter really sets in. You can put in lettuces, spinach, kohlrabi, arugula, radishes and Swiss chard right now and have a quick crop before the first frost. If you like to dry your herbs now is the time to cut them and start the drying process. Also, before frost, cut a bunch of your basil and turn it into yummy pesto. It won’t survive much longer so this is a good way to enjoy it through the winter.

Your yard may need some attention now also; it can be renovated with sod or some reseeding. Additionally now is the time you can have it aerated to make it healthier for the next growing season.

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