Choosing Trees

Choosing Trees

Trees are a fantastic addition to any landscape as they add value to a property. Don’t you feel sorry for people who have no trees around their home? It looks very bare, but nature won’t leave a space uncovered for long so you should choose the trees you want to add to your yard so you can be in control. Ideally you will get to watch them grow over time but if you want to purchase something with some size to begin with that is a wonderful way to start. However if you only have a limited budget there are trees at every price point.

Planting trees in the proper space is important, you don’t want to plant a tree which will be very large under power lines or too close to your home. Otherwise you will have to have it pruned constantly or have it cut in an ugly manner by the power company. So be sure you know the mature height of the tree before purchasing it. The professionals here at Nature’s Friends are very capable of helping you to choose the right trees for your yard and assisting you with locating it correctly and planting it for you.

Consideration also needs to be given to what type of tree to plant. The choices are endless! A lot of people want a tree to grow fast so they can enjoy it as a mature specimen. The problem with this is fast growing trees also have a short lifespan and sometimes they are prone to breakage due to odd growth patterns and soft wood. Examples of this would be Bradford Pears and Silver Maples. Both of these trees are used in landscapes due to their quick growth rate; however they are not the optimal choice for most yards.

Once you have a tree or several trees chosen you need to give them special care to make sure they reach their full potential. They will need regular water for the first year so be sure they are located within reach of a water hose. You will want to lay a hose at the base and turn on a slow trickle for about an hour each week. More water may be required if there are very dry conditions. Mulching around the base of the tree is good practice as you don’t want to slash the bark in order to cut grass. As it grows you may want to have a certified arborist take a look to see if the tree needs any selective pruning to encourage it to have strong growth.

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