Evergreens Trees and Shrubs

The number of evergreen trees and shrubs that can be used in the landscape is mind boggling. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and textures, along with some blooming varieties and those with berries. With this great number of plants, we have so much to choose from to find the ones that will be ideal for your garden.

Just the holly variety contains hundreds of different plants, those that become trees and those that can be used in a landscape plan due to their smaller size. Holly trees and bushes are a fabulous addition to any yard or garden. They have beautiful shiny leaves and if there are both males and females in a reasonable proximity there will be wonderful red berries to enjoy. Be very aware of the mature size of any holly plant you purchase as there are some which can get very large. My landscape designs will incorporate some holly if desired, but I don’t want to put these too close to a house as this will create a constant pruning headache. If you are careful about which plant you choose you will be rewarded with a beautiful specimen which will be gorgeous all year long.

Within the holly shrubs you will discover many different sizes and textures also. They will vary from larger shrubs to small plants to fit in nicely almost anywhere. Not all holly plant have prickly leaves either so if that is what you think when you think hollies you will be pleasantly surprised when you start to research and look around at all the varietals.

Then you can go on to all the evergreens which have needles or have a thread like foliage, these are also highly valued in the landscape. If you are choosing your own evergreens, it’s essential you go roam a large nursery to be able to view the shapes and colors of these valuable specimens. With these plants you still need to pay attention to what the label indicates the full size will be because some of these look so cute when they are young but they will become much larger plants in maturity.

This is only a very basic beginning to these plants as there are many, many categories within each of these. However it is worth the time to learn about them and add them to your landscape beds as they provide essential shape and color all year long which creates more interest in your garden areas.

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