Check Out Your Potted Plants

When you have garden plants in pots there always comes a time when they may need to move to a larger pot.  This is a fairly easy chore to accomplish and it can be done whenever it’s needed but spring is certainly a good time to take a hard look and evaluate your potted garden plants. There are several indicators dictating when your plant needs more room; if the soil dries out to quickly, if the plant looks top heavy, if there are roots growing out of the drainage holes or if water just sits there and doesn’t absorb into the soil.  Once you determine it needs repotting you need to remove it which usually entails it just slipping right out since the roots will completely encompass all of the soil.  If you have any difficulty soaking the root ball will help you accomplish this task.

Before locating it to its new home you need to trim and massage the roots because they will be tightly wound and this keeps it from absorbing nutrients.  Take your pruners and trim away the bottom of the roots, and cut up into the root ball in three or four places.  Use your hands to massage the roots loose including those along the top edge of the root ball. Usually the next pot size up is appropriate but you have to take a look at the plant to see if that will be sufficient.  Before you add potting soil put a coffee filter, paper towel or mesh screen over the drainage hole to keep from losing soil.  If you have plants that are large or you are not able to accomplish this task those of us here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping would be happy to help you with this chore.

Next put some potting soil in the pot and set the plant in, if it is too deep add some more soil, if it’s above the pot rim remove some of the soil.  Always use a good quality potting soil as regular soil you use in your garden or yard is too heavy.  Once it’s at the proper level add additional soil and water thoroughly.

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