Do Deer Eat Everything?

Well, no they don’t, it just seems that way in some yards and gardens.  There are many flowering plants and shrubs which they don’t care to eat, so paying attention to what you plant means you can still have a pretty garden and co-exist with the deer.

Of course, if you have a fence or can install one your issues with the deer will be greatly minimized.  But there are decorative fences which are a bit too short and the deer will jump right over those.  Something else you can do for the plants, which present as yummy lunch for them, is to use a spray repellent. Be sure to use a natural based repellent and switch up the brands so they don’t become used to the taste of one.

But on to the deer resistant plants and shrubs, not all of which will be what you want to plant in your yard, but you can consult with Nature’s Friends Landscaping and they can advise you on other options which will work best in your landscape and plant them for you.  In general the deer don’t care for decorative grasses, mints, ferns and daffodil bulbs, but they love most varieties of Hosta.

In particular you can plant some of these perennials and annuals in order to be assured of maintaining some flowers in your beds.  They include such things as Lantana, Lambs Ear, Lilly of the Valley, Russian Sage, Snapdragons, Angelonias, Bleeding Heart, Gomphrena (Globe Amaranth) and others. Some of the deer resistant decorative shrubs and trees which will be beautiful in your landscape are Spirea, Beautybush, Chaste Tree, all the Daphne shrubs, and Shadbushes (Amelanchier).

In addition, if you don’t over fertilize your garden, which causes really lush growth that the deer love, it will be helpful.  Just use some fertilizer on a regular basis to create good growth but not overgrowth.  Or there are some of us who will just plant plenty of plants so there are enough to feed the deer and bunnies but still leave enough for some beauty in the landscape!

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