Cool Days Mean Planting Time for Trees

Your landscape may be full of trees but if it’s not and you would like to add a tree or three this is the perfect time of year to accomplish that task.  Fall brings cooler temperatures which means working in the garden is easier, and trees become dormant which is the best time for them to be planted.  In addition, the soil is still warm which is why trees and shrubs are happy to settle in during cooler days and nights. 

One of the most important criteria to use when you are deciding which tree to buy is size.  You don’t want to buy a tree that at mature size will be too large for your property.  Another wise move would be to use Nature’s Friends Landscaping to help you with the decision and the planting as they have access to a wide array of trees which won’t be available at your local garden center.

The fall season is ideal for putting in trees due to the dormant nature of the deciduous trees, this means they can put out new root growth before they have any stress of heat during the summer.  Should you choose to do the planting yourself be sure to be gentle with it during the planting process.  Give the root ball good support and dig the hole twice as wide as the root ball but not deeper than the root ball because if you plant it too deep the tree may die.

After planting surround the tree with a good quality natural mulch leaving it very thin up close to the trunk.  Then water, water, water!  Even though the air is cooler there may not be enough rain so monitor that, and during dry time it must be watered deeply every week.  After much colder temperatures begin you can lessen the amount of water but pick it back up in early spring as the ground warms.  Continue this type of irrigation for the new tree for at least six months during the warm season to ensure its health and growth.

Trees are a wonderful investment for your landscape so invest your time and water as you did with your dollars and you will be rewarded many times over.


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