Do You Have Daffodils?

Many of us know when we see the beautiful yellow daffodils pushing up through the soil that spring is on the way. It gives us hope and makes us smile, no one is immune to the positive powers of seeing a sweep of daffodils across a landscape or woodlands.

These positively cheerful little flowers can light up your yard in the springtime! If you don’t have any in your garden it’s time to add this beacon of warm weather, or if you already have some it never hurts to add some more across your property.

Daffodils are perennial plants which arise each year out of a bulb. They tend to spread over time and many varieties will outlive the person who planted them. In fact you can often see daffodils growing in the original shape of a house even after the house is long gone.

There are varieties which bloom in early springs, mid spring and late spring so you can choose some from each group to have a long bloom period throughout the season. In addition they come in various colors, not just yellow although that is the dominant color. So choose them to suit your color preference, they will be up so early that it won’t really matter what your other planting colors are, you can choose from white, salmon, pink, orange, pink and coral. Another option may be to contact Nature’s Friends Landscaping to consult about which varietals to choose and help with planting them.

Daffodils are like other bulbs, they prefer to be in soil which drains well, they won’t survive in a water logged location. Plant them twice as deep as the size of the bulb with the pointed end up, a little bone meal will help get them on their way but they are pretty tough once established. You may want to plant them in and around your other annuals and perennials so when the bloom is finished the foliage which is left is somewhat hidden from sight.

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