Finding the Positives in an Overgrown Space

If you have ever moved into a home where the yard seems like it is taking over the house then you understand the title of this article. Many of us have found homes we love which are overrun by the shrubs and trees that surround them. This is common to find in areas where the homes and neighborhoods have been around for a few years.

One aspect of doing this recovery is that it is exciting to discover what may lie underneath all of the overgrowth. Many older homes have extensive landscaping in their history which may turn out to be a gold mine for you if you are careful in your restoration efforts. Of course, it’s nice if you have some good gardening knowledge so that you know which plant to pull out and which plant to leave. Nature’s Friends has that knowledge and can be a great help to you in bringing your newly acquired property back to its former glory.

The best way to tackle this kind of project is to go slowly; working through a section at a time so you can really see what is going on there. You definitely may run into some shrubbery or trees whose prime time has passed, it will be sad to see them go but it presents opportunities for new and varied plantings you may enjoy more.

If you move in during cooler months you definitely want to wait and see what will be coming up in the spring. You could go ahead and tackle clean up on the walkways, driveways, fences, shrubs and trees but be careful in any planting beds as there may be many more things under the soil that are waiting to be discovered!

A badly overgrown lawn will definitely take some effort to recover successfully, but we could be of service to you there also as we have lots of knowledge regarding lawns and how to make them happy. In a number of these types of situations there are many joys and rewards to be discovered throughout a landscape so take your time and look around.

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