Knockout Roses Should Be In Your Yard

Introduced in 2000 the Knockout Rose is the largest selling rose ever to come on the market, and there are many good reasons for that success.  It is a bush type rose that is disease resistant and flowers all during the growing season.  This makes it super useful for all types of applications in the landscape.

There are several varieties of roses, hybrid teas, floribundas, climbing and many others but the Knockout Rose has proven to be fairly carefree for the rose world.  Typically roses require lots of spraying and other fairly intensive care but the Knockout has become so popular due to its ability to thrive and look beautiful with just normal plant care.

Of course you have to start with good planting soil, regular water and occasional fertilizer, but that’s it!   It requires much less care than the more traditional rose varieties and those of us here at Natures Friends Landscaping would be happy to help you choose and plant some of these lovely roses.  There are several types of Knockouts to choose from so we could help choose those which would best complement your landscape.

It has a beautiful dark green foliage with a nice shrubby shape and gorgeous blooms.  It is happy in super sunny locations and will continue to bloom without any deadheading, but it’s nice to do if you have the time because it will help it bloom even more.  Deadheading means cutting off the old blooms after they fade, you want go back down the stem to where there are several leaves and make a cut right above that growth.  This will help keep the plant fresh looking and blooming on a continual basis.

The labels on most of the Knockout Roses say they will be four feet tall by four feet wide but many of them will grow larger than that, maybe to six feet depending on the winter cold.  But never fear, you can give them a hard pruning right as the forsythia are opening their yellow blooms in early spring, and that will help keep their growth on the conservative side.  However, on a new plant you want to wait on that type of pruning for a couple of growing seasons. We can help you with pruning your roses at the right time so they maintain their beautiful appearance.

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