Light in the Garden

The sun is essential for many plants in the garden, but the amount of sun will vary depending on your lot position and the number of trees you have. It’s essential to know the amount of sun received in any given location before you decide on what to plant there. And, of course, the sun position in the sky will change with the seasons.

As you begin to search for plants you will see each one of them has a tag which gives you some information about the plant and what it needs. Look for how much sun is necessary for good growth, some plants like sun all day whereas others only need an hour or so. Then you want to match your plants requirements with the correct locations around your house.

If you have moved into a residence that is new to you it might be good to take some time before you put anything significant into the ground. This affords you time to watch the light and how it moves during the day for a season or two. By taking the time to do this you will be assured of matching the plant to the right conditions it needs to thrive.

Planting trees will change your available light over the years, as it grows it will cast a bigger and bigger shadow. This will maybe take an area from full sun to mostly shade, but it will happen over a very slow period of time so that you can make adjustments to your plants. You can transplant your full sun perennials to a sunnier spot and acquire some shade plants to take their place. The professionals here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping can provide guidance to find the right plant or shrub for the right location. We have a lot of experience installing landscapes for homeowners.

Take your time as you make decisions about what plant to put where so that the light the plant receives is just right for it. This will create a happy plant that grows and grows and provides the positive aspects you were searching for when you purchased it. Don’t waste time putting a specimen in a place where it can’t thrive, be sure of your light and shade from the beginning.

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