Making a Good Tree Choice

When you have a home surrounded by trees you have a more valuable property than those who have no trees.  But trees can always be planted and they are a wonderful way to increase your property value.  It would be great if you get to see them grow but if you want to purchase something with some size to begin with that is an optimal choice.


Planting trees in the proper space is important, you don’t want to plant a tree which will be very large under power lines or too close to your home.  This creates a lot of issues for you and the power company so it’s crucial to be aware of how big that tree will grow before you put it in the ground.  The professionals here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping would be pleased to help you make the choice of the tree and placing it into the ground in the correct location.


The other choice is which tree or trees you want to establish in your yard.  You have many to choose from, so you need to know what is most important to you.  Many think a fast growing tree would be good, then they get to enjoy it.  But that brings issues, fast growing trees also have a short lifespan and sometimes they are prone to breakage due to odd growth patterns and soft wood.  Examples of this type of problem would be Bradford Pears and Silver Maples.  Both of these trees are planted a lot in new developments due to their quick growth rate, but they are probably not the right choice for you.


After you make those decisions and your trees are in the ground they are going to need attention, you can’t just plant them and assume they will be fine. Regular watering for the first year is crucial to their survival, the easiest way to do this is to lay a hose at the base of the trunk and turn on a slow trickle for about an hour each week. You can adjust that schedule depending on how much rain you receive. Placing mulch around the base, not up against the trunk like a volcano, but at least a foot out all around to protect it from mowers and weed eaters is really important too. With good care you should have a nice, strong tree which adds to your enjoyment and to your property value.


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