Mature Tree Maintenance

For anyone who has ever lived through a big windstorm or even a good thunderstorm knows that the trees you love sometimes become perceived as the ‘enemy’. This problem can be minimized with good maintenance plans throughout the years, although some storms will take down trees no matter what you do. Hopefully most storms will blow through harmlessly if your trees are healthy.

Due to the slow growth of most trees the plan must be over the years and not in one season. In addition the cost of maintaining trees is not cheap so most people will want to budget a certain figure each year for this work. Choosing a qualified tree service that has a trained and certified arborist on staff is ideal. Here at Nature’s Friend’s we can help you find someone who will care for and love your trees as you do. We can also locate a tree service which has all the right insurance in place to assure your home is covered in case there is any incident.

A qualified arborist will be able to evaluate the trees mostly by looking at them from the ground, but sometimes they will need to go up into the tree to make a closer evaluation. Typically they will find dead wood, crossing branches and some weaknesses that should be eliminated. This will not be unusual for a mature tree that has not had regular maintenance. Think of them as your shrubs in the sky, just as you have to shape your shrubs and small trees, the bigger trees also need some love.

There are several tasks you can accomplish from the ground for your trees. One is to never use a string trimmer up against a tree! It doesn’t matter if it’s a big trunk, they still can be injured by the cuts, as this allows entry for bugs and diseases. You need to cut the grass or weeds away by hand. Another way to help is to make sure no type of ivy climbs into your tree. In some areas English ivy is a pest and it will create huge vines climbing up big trees. Not only is this tough on the tree but the leaves which now grow all the way up the trunk create more wind sail area when there is a storm. You can be watchful for any additional issues which arise such as broken branches and such so that you can notify your tree service to come take a look.

Maintaining trees is very positive for your property values, those properties which have mature trees sell for more than those who don’t, so don’t skimp on this. Never ever let anyone ‘top’ your trees, this is not a legitimate practice for anyone to do, it creates ugly and malformed trees which are detrimental to the property. And if you have the opportunity to plant new trees please do your research and locate trees which are highly recommended.

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