Native Plants Will Thrive

Most yards or landscapes generally come with some plantings already in place. This is a good thing if you like what is on the site, but changes might need to occur if you aren’t overly pleased with the present situation or if you have other tastes in plants. Of course it is typically easy to pull out annuals or perennials that don’t suit your purposes, but if there are larger shrubs you will have to take a closer look to see if it’s worth it.

If you do decide to go ahead and change it up or even if you are just adding some plants to your already established garden you need to consider using some native plants. These particular plants will thrive mightily after settling in because they have adapted to the soil, climate, insects and other wildlife in a geographic location. They were the original plants in an area and are happiest when they are kept in that same general vicinity.

Environmentally these plants will be a benefit because they typically will need less regular maintenance than an ‘outsider.’ This means most established plants will need little or no watering and will need no pesticides or fertilizers. None of them will spread invasively like some imported plants, and they will be a better support for local wildlife and insects.

Those of us here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping are very familiar with our areas natives and would be happy to help you select them and then install them into your landscape. Some of the natives we appreciate are the black eyed susan, coreopsis, wild columbine and liatris. These are all flower producers, attract butterflies and need a sunny location. For shady areas you could use shooting star, wild ginger or bloodroot; shrubs would include blueberries and viburnums, both of which are loved by the bird and other wildlife.

As you review your options, please try not to use some of the imported exotics which are considered invasive, you will not be pleased with them. We can help you steer clear of these plants so that your yard is thriving and abundant with life!

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