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Your garden will not be complete in the warmer months without some annuals added each year. An annual is a plant which will only be around for one season, they don’t grow back. But some of them will drop seeds as they dry out at the end of their season and will grow back from those seeds the following spring or summer.

Annuals provide immense color quickly and usually will maintain that color throughout the season. The variety of annuals in the garden centers, grocery stores and big box stores nowadays is immense, enough to be quite overwhelming at times. However, they are fairly inexpensive and easy to grow so no harm in acquiring a lot!

But, when you go shopping for annuals, it is always nice to have in mind what you want to buy and how many. They are packaged in a dizzying array of containers, from ‘six packs’ to gallon sizes, to give you the choice you think you want. Six packs are nice because they are a very small size and are easy to transport and plant. The larger sizes work well when you need a big dash of color quickly.

Although, one wonderful aspect of annuals is that they grow very quickly and can fill in a large spot nicely. So you could just plant the six pack plants close together and soon they will be just like the larger plant. Of course there are other sizes, quarts, pints, and whatever the growers come up with to choose from. Those of us here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping would be more than happy to help you pick and plant some annuals for your garden. We can help with all your landscaping needs.

You can grow annuals from seed but they are generally so economical to buy in the containers that it may not be worth the effort for most of us. Some of the most popular annuals are marigolds, petunias, million bells, many herbs, impatiens and begonias. Naturally you will find many, many more as you fill your garden with color.

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