Plant Now Tulips For The Spring

Everyone loves tulips in the springtime, they are one of the true signs that the wicked winter weather is about to subside.  However, tulips do take a bit of planning because they are a bulb which must experience cold temperatures in the winter.  So it is necessary to establish them in the fall in order for them to move through that cycle. 

When you choose tulip bulbs be sure to buy good quality, cast a leery eye at discount stores offering cheaper bulbs, they may not produce flowers.  Choose bulbs which are heavy and firm, with no cuts or bruises; or you can let Nature’s Friends Landscaping choose your bulbs and plant them for you at the correct time.

Planting bulbs is fairly easy, they are just like any other plant in that they prefer a nice rich, well drained area.  They will survive in spots with more clay but it has to have good drainage.  Plant them three times as deep as the size of the bulb, if you have good soil you can plant them deeper which will help them return year after year.  In addition, tulips need to have at least six hours of sun during the day while they are blooming so be sure to situate them appropriately. Under a deciduous tree is fine because they typically will be up and done with their flowers before the tree leafs out.

They are generally pretty tough, surviving the crazy spring weather of frosts and warm ups, but if you give them a bit of organic blood meal for extra nitrogen as they appear it will help give them a boost.

As the petals fall away after the bloom be sure to leave the green leaves because they are helping the bulb to gather light and food in order to be able to bloom next spring.  If you plant tulip bulbs amongst perennials it will help to hide the leaves of the tulips because the perennials will be showing up as the tulips fade.

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