Plants to Use in Containers All Year (Part Two)

As we continue the series about keeping plants in containers during the winter, there are a few more rules to know in order to be successful. Be sure to use a container which can withstand the freezing and thawing cycles during the winter.  The rule about soil quality is the same as always for pots, use high quality potting soil because it is essential for good drainage.  Water the plants when they need it up until the time when the soil freezes, don’t water after that because the plant can’t absorb the moisture.

In addition if you use a water soluble fertilizer, stop administering it for six to eight weeks prior to your first frost date so the plant won’t produce any tender new growth.  And finally, if your plants make it through a few winters go ahead and repot them on that third year to give them new soil and a fresh start.

There are quite a number of plants which will make it through the winter in containers but if you need additional help you can contact us at Nature’s Friends Landscaping and we will be happy to help you.  One of these survivor plants is the Heuchera, a low growing perennial which can be placed under taller plants. They come in several shades of green and purple, and put up very showy, slender blooms in the spring.

Another good, low growing filler is the Blue Star Juniper, a sun loving, standout evergreen with beautiful silver blue needles.  This color combines well with most other plants and will really show up during the winter months.

An additional outstanding evergreen which blends well with other plants is ‘Golden Sword’ yucca.  This varietal has very architectural sword shaped leaves which are green on the edge and golden yellow down the middle, a plant that will catch your eye.  It prefers bright sun and may flatten a bit during the winter but the spring will bring a new flush of growth that will stand up straight.

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