Prepare for the Garden Center!

When you walk into a plant retail establishment right now you will be totally overwhelmed by all the choices and all of the amazing colors! This can be a crucial time for you to use your self control because everything is going to look so tempting.

One of the first things to do before you go is to make a list and consider what you need before you step foot inside that nursery. This way you will be able to walk past plants you might otherwise have picked up. As you make your list you need to know where you are going to place the plants you choose. So that means you already have some type of landscape design in place or in mind. And you know which parts of this landscape get full sun, part sun or some shade or all shade.

Confused yet? It’s okay if you are because a fair amount of thought and planning needs to be done before you walk into that garden center and start picking up one of these and one of those. Those of here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping have a lot of experience designing and installing landscapes so we would be happy to come by and help you put together a plan. You still may want to do some of the shopping yourself and that is fine but it is good to know what to consider ahead of time.

Once you get to the garden center knowing what you want you will need to find the healthiest specimens of your desired plants. You want to be sure the plant is growing, looks healthy and is not root bound. This means you are going to be extremely picky while you are looking at plants that all seem healthy. Sliding them gently out of their nursery pots to check the roots is a good idea especially for the larger sizes.

If all of this seems a little more than you want to take on please feel free to call us and we can do this shopping for you. But if you do go, have fun!

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