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Landscaping services include:

  • Planting trees, helping you choose the right tree for your space
  • Installing shrubs and hedges
  • Design and install flower beds
  • Walkways and patios
  • Working off other landscape plans if desired
  • Garden additions such as benches, ponds, birdbaths

Landscape Design

Our reputation was built on our beautiful landscape designs. We design to fit the climate, ease of maintenance, and client's personal taste and budget. See our portfolio of landscape designs, which can be as simple adding a flower bed to an entire yard design and install.

Lawn Care Services

We offer professional and dependable lawn care and landscaping services including lawn mowing, edging, fertilizing, aeration, top dressing, clean ups and regular maintance that can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule depending on the service.

Lawn Maintenance

Includes cutting grass (collect clippings when necessary and haul away), string trim around all beds and paved areas and blow off all paved surfaces. Approximately 29-32 cuts per season.

Lawn fertilization

Fertilize yard with necessary treatments at intervals of about every 6 weeks starting in late March.

Monthly Maintainance

Includes weeding beds on regular basis (approx. every time at house when cutting), trimming shrubs (1-2 times per season), trimming perennials when needed, feeding shrubs and perennials, collecting sticks and general debris when needed, spraying for weeds when needed. 8 monthly installments of equal payments from April-November.

Fall leaf collection

Fall leaf collection. Collect and put leaves on curb for county pick-up. Cut back perennials when needed. Done during cutting days and other scheduled days when needed. Usually about 6-8 times at property for collection. Season is between mid. September through beginning of December. Paid in two equal payments. 1st payment in October invoice with last payment in November invoice.

Clean ups

Remove leaves from all beds, turf, and paved areas. Cut back perennials. Weed, edge and mulch beds. Haul away debris. Can be done anytime of the year but best if done in the spring.


Removing small cores of soil from your lawn allows air, water and fertilizer to better reach the root zone. This reduces soil compaction and stimulates root growth to create a healthier, stronger lawn.

One time in September.


One time in September, usually when aeration is done.


Liming a yard helps keep the ph level of the soil neutral so the grass can grow. If the soil is to acidic the grass will struggle to grow or not grow at all. Liming yearly is usually recommended because of all the acid rain we get.

Usually done in September with the seeding, fertilization and aeration.

All our services are offered on an a la carte basis or can be packaged anyway you like.

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“Cliff has helped me implement hard and softscape designs that draw admiring comments from people who see the property. I get pleasure from looking out my windows at every view.”

Barbara Upston


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