Time to Plant a Tree

It is now glorious fall, cool days, blue skies, sunshine; a perfect combination for choosing a tree to put into your landscape. Trees are the very best additions to your landscape, they add height, they provide shade, and they provide food and shelter for wildlife. But you should pick one you want to look at every day, a tree that has some visual appeal too.

Make sure you pick your visually appealing tree with other considerations in mind such as, don’t buy a tree which at full size will be too large for your property and don’t buy just one of the several varieties sold by everyone. Contact Nature’s Friends Landscaping and they will help you choose and plant a tree which will be most appropriate and attractive for your yard. They have access to many different types of trees which you won’t find at most garden stores.

Fall is the perfect time to plant because the deciduous trees are going into dormancy and during this time they have time to get settled after planting before a lot of growth stress starts in the springtime. If you choose to plant your tree handle it very carefully during the planting process. Be sure to dig a planting hole twice as wide as the root ball and only as deep as the root ball, don’t plant it too deep or it will suffer.

Once it is in the ground cover the planting area with a good quality natural mulch, but don’t pile it up against the trunk, this is not good for the tree. In addition after planting regular water is essential! Sometimes the fall can be very dry, even though the air is cool the tree will still need water up until regular rainfall returns. If it doesn’t rain every week you need to put a water hose at the base of the tree on trickle for about an hour. Once the tree is totally dormant and really cold weather sets in then you can stop watering until spring, then start again every week until the tree has been in the ground for a year.

If you take good care of your tree it will reward you with all the benefits which made you choose it. Trees are an excellent investment for your landscape so choose wisely and take good care of it!


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