Viburnums are Lovely

When it comes to choosing shrubs for your yard there are tons of different choices available. Making the right choice includes considering appropriate size, planting zone you live in, sun or shade, evergreen or not, type of soil, dampness at planting site and several others.

To find a shrub to meet many of these criteria you should give serious consideration to the Viburnum species when you are trying to find the “just right” shrub or small tree for your yard. There are over 150 species of Viburnum and the majority of them are native to North America which is always a positive. They have wonderfully textured foliage, beautiful growth habits, and some of them have flowers and berries which are attractive for the birds and insects, in addition to adding attractive elements to your landscape.

There is a species for any problem area you have in your yard, you can find one to like sun, shade, wet or dry. They aren’t very fussy and grow easily in Zones 2-9, and you can find one of almost any size that you need. They are usually shrubs, with some dwarf varieties available, but there are also large viburnums growing up to 20 feet which can be trimmed up to be a small tree if you prefer. An easy way to find the right viburnum is to contact Nature’s Friends Landscaping, they have extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of landscapes and will be able to find the viburnum for your yard.

Flowering viburnums have been used in landscapes for a long time, they are reliable and easy to care for, providing a spring show every year. Two types which have been used extensively are the Burkwood viburnum and the Korean spice viburnum.

However, there is the doublefile viburnum which really is stunning when it blooms as it has two rows of flowers up and down the branches. Two well-known favorites are Mariesii and Shasta, you are in for quite a show if you place either of these in your landscape.

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