Wildlife in the Garden

The animals and birds which live in the outdoor space around us are very appreciative of anything we can provide for them. There are many ways to welcome them into our space and they are very useful for the flow of nature and help to keep the garden pretty.

Wildlife in the Garden

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Any area which can be kept a bit more natural, less formal, is more appealing to them for food sources, a place to hide and a place to nest. This means not chopping everything down at the end of the growing season, this leaves seedpods, nuts, berries, pollen and seed heads available to them for food during the winter. It also provides brush and twigs that are ideal for constructing nests in the spring.

Those of us here at Nature’s Friends Landscaping would be happy to help you make good choices of shrubs and perennials which are beneficial to the birds and to your landscape as well. There are many options from which to choose, both evergreen and deciduous shrubs are helpful, along with the numerous perennials. The best plants and trees to choose are those which are native to your area as they are known by the wildlife and provide exactly what they require. Another option is if you have a pond or a rock wall or even a dead tree, these are all environments which are attractive to different kinds of wildlife due to the protection they supply.

In addition to food sources and cover for their nests there needs to be some sort of water available. If you have a pond or stream then you are fortunate but for those who don’t a bird bath is a viable option for our feathered friends. Even the beautiful butterflies will use it as a water source if there is an area that is very, very shallow. Just be sure to change the water often to keep it from becoming a source of mosquitoes, and to provide a refreshing drink and bath area for the birds and squirrels.

Those who are interested in creating a certified wildlife area should visit the National Wildlife Federation site at www.nwf.org. There you will discover much more information about how to provide for the wildlife in your yard. All the creatures will be thankful for your efforts!

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