Give Your Lawn Some Love in the Fall

Most of us only think about the lawn in the summer while we’re mowing it every week in the very hot sun. However, lawns are much more lush and healthy if they receive some additional care throughout the year.

In the fall the temperatures become milder, there is more precipitation, the soil maintains some warmth and the weeds aren’t as competitive. This means your lawn will start to heal from the long, hot summer and it is the best time to give it the extra attention it needs to show off its best next spring.

One of the detriments to a healthy lawn is compacted soil, this occurs from all the foot traffic during the summer. To rectify this situation the soil needs to be aerated in order to open it up to receive water, air and fertilizer. There are machines you can rent, but it would be easier to have Nature’s Friends Landscaping help you with all these fall lawn chores.

After aerating the lawn it needs some fertilizer to help it with the root growth that occurs in the autumn. There are many opinions about how much fertilizer to use with which grass and in which conditions, so this would be another good reason to contact Nature’s Friends. They can also help with removal of thatch in the lawn. This is done using a power rake and rids the turf of the layer of dead grass which gets packed down around the roots. This may not have to be done every year but it needs to be evaluated each fall.

After aerating and dethatching, the bare spots in the lawn can be seeded to fill them in, or if the lawn is somewhat thin, the whole lawn can be over seeded. In either case you need to maintain steady water lightly and frequently if there is not regular rain. Doing all of these maintenance chores will ensure you have a beautiful, healthy, green lawn!


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