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Plants to Use in Containers All Year (Part Two)

As we continue the series about keeping plants in containers during the winter, there are a few more rules to know in order to be successful. Be sure to use a container which can withstand the freezing and thawing cycles during the winter.  The rule about soil quality is the same as always for pots,  … Read more

Plant Now Tulips For The Spring

Everyone loves tulips in the springtime, they are one of the true signs that the wicked winter weather is about to subside.  However, tulips do take a bit of planning because they are a bulb which must experience cold temperatures in the winter.  So it is necessary to establish them in the fall in order  … Read more

Pick the Best Annuals

Your garden will not be complete in the warmer months without some annuals added each year. An annual is a plant which will only be around for one season, they don’t grow back. But some of them will drop seeds as they dry out at the end of their season and will grow back from  … Read more

Finding the Positives in an Overgrown Space

If you have ever moved into a home where the yard seems like it is taking over the house then you understand the title of this article. Many of us have found homes we love which are overrun by the shrubs and trees that surround them. This is common to find in areas where the  … Read more

Mulch Basics

First of all any type of organic mulch is helpful in most garden bed situations. The majority of mulches are very beneficial because they break down over time and enrich the soil. But there are some exceptions, if someone uses rock or stones or the newer versions of plastic mulches, those won’t degrade. These are  … Read more

Mature Tree Maintenance

For anyone who has ever lived through a big windstorm or even a good thunderstorm knows that the trees you love sometimes become perceived as the ‘enemy’. This problem can be minimized with good maintenance plans throughout the years, although some storms will take down trees no matter what you do. Hopefully most storms will  … Read more

Impatient With Impatiens?

There are many of us who have favorite annuals we like to plant every year.  They work in the light we have available and the array of colors is always tempting.  Now there is nothing wrong with this plan and it can make the spring planting season a little easier.  We don’t have to wade  … Read more

Hot Hot Hot!

We are now officially in the depths of summer and boy can we feel it!  These are the times which make every human, animal and plant hot and tired.  So the watering ritual becomes even more important for the plants. Even though it may be tough on the humans to get out there every day  … Read more

Pruning for Healthy Tomatoes

If you already have tomatoes growing in your yard you are fortunate because they are well on their way to providing some yummy summer goodness.  Tomato plants are amazing growers, taking energy from the sun and converting it to growth better than almost any other plant. Since they are such good growers they can get  … Read more

Check Out Your Potted Plants

When you have garden plants in pots there always comes a time when they may need to move to a larger pot.  This is a fairly easy chore to accomplish and it can be done whenever it’s needed but spring is certainly a good time to take a hard look and evaluate your potted garden  … Read more